Coding, Compliance, and the Revenue Cycle in Radiation Oncology

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Solve the mysteries of the Radiation Oncology revenue cycle and get answers to your complex coding questions from the industry leaders in oncology coding and billing.

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Session 1

Coding, Documentation and Compliance for Radiation Oncology

Discover the most utilized, highest financial and compliance risk codes and scenarios in Radiation Therapy and learn how to use documentation to reduce risk and increase reimbursement in a regulatory compliant manner. This session will outline the process of care for the external beam treatment course with specific focus on external beam radiation oncology procedures including IMRT, Stereotactic and Proton therapy. Additional topics will include:

  • Identification of appropriate authoritative guidance for physicians, freestanding facilities and hospital outpatient departments
  • Best practices for maintaining compliance with published guidelines such as National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits, payer publications and findings from recent radiation oncology reviews by Medicare and other payers
  • Application of coding and payment concepts like bundling, packaging and coding edits
  • Radiation oncology procedure coding and documentation case studies

7 Available CEUs from AAPC, ARRT or MDCB.

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Those attending the Coding, Documentation and Compliance for Radiation Oncology session will receive a Navigator® for Radiation Oncology.

Session 2

The Radiation Oncology Revenue Cycle

Insurance companies are becoming more radiation oncology aware and their authorization requirements and reasons for denial are more difficult than ever to decipher. Due to this, authorizations and denial management require an intimate knowledge of both radiation oncology as a specialty and the exact processes taking place in the clinic. As a result, today’s clinic manager plays a major role in the revenue cycle. This session will discuss the revenue cycle functions in which a clinic manager would have control, oversight or direct input and provide best practice recommendations.

During this session you will: 

  • Examine the key components of the revenue cycle and the clinical manager’s role in each
  • Get tips/tricks for ensuring an accurate and efficient workflow while learning to overcome common pain pointsin the revenue cycle
  • Discuss successful denials management through review of real-life examples from leading radiation oncology departments and facilities

7 Available CEUs from AAPC or ARRT.

Indianapolis, July 24, 2019
Franciscan Health
Tower Building, 8111 S. Emerson Ave.

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